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Maestro, Putz and the German Shepherd performe The ballad about life itself

for people around 5-100 years old!

"Maestro, Putz and Schäfern performs The song about life itself"

Get, amazed, marveled and delighted, in equal terms.

Three traveling life artists and musicians, Maestro, Putz and the German Shepherd (Schäfern), has planned to present a nice concert. But it is not easy this very day … Well to be honest it's never easy. Everything they have planned goes wrong.

This show is a tribute to those who at least tries, because even if it does not go as planned, they find endless possibilities of the emotional and spontaneous that arise in the moment.

Everyone may get amazed, marveled and delighted in equal terms, regardless of age, and even independent of what language one speaks. Come, see and hear.

Actors/Musicians Friteaterns Mats Nolemo, Peter Danielsson and David Odlöw.

Maximum audience 80 persons in schools. 100 persons at official performances. Stage width: 4 m Scene depth: 3 m Headroom (min): 2,4 m Electricity supply requirement: 2 x 10 A grounded outlet Dim-out: Not required

Other information

We are not in need of separate dressing rooms. We need to put the instruments in the venue at least an hour in advance. Does your room or venue fit? Give us a call or mail the length and width of it. We will do our best to play wherever you want us.

Other technical information

Construction time/tear and load: 2 h/1 h. The time is our basic arrangement at schools. At school- och official peromances where our seating is required, we will use 4 h construction time and 2 h for tear and load. We are keen to have a resoning with you about the room/venue, seatings and so on, to find the best possible conditions for the public and us and the play.

More information and booking

Friteatern, Eva Janstad, phone: +46 70 543 31 43, e-mail: p.friteatern(@)

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